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We’re searching to companion with tremendous marketers and flip your leads that aren’t appropriate for promoting traditionally, into high commissions.

    Your Seller’s Home Sold

    Why Cash Buyers NY is Better for Agents

    Selling to Cash Buyers NY

    • As-is Quick cash offer without inspection

    • Competitive cash offer in 24 hours

    • Proof Of in Hand Cash

    • No listing, prep work or showings

    • Skip the repair work

    • Choose any close date

    • Double-ended Commission Upto 6%

    Selling to a “Retail” Buyer

    • Negotiating multiple scam offers

    • Phantom offer

    • Risk of seller financing fall-through

    • Hours of prep work and home showings

    • Manage repairs yourself.

    • Uncertain closing timeline

    • Low Commission

    When We’re a Good Fit for Real Estate Agents

    As an agent, we’re sure you come throughout homes with all kinds of problems – whether or not it’s the sellers, buyers, lenders, attornies, or the property itself. We are expert domestic shoppers that will purchase the home, regardless of the issue. Here are some of the frequent eventualities in which can assist actual property marketers close a property.


    There are usually fewer contingencies with cash sales. Buyers don’t need the financing contingency (that’s for mortgage loans), and there may be no need for a sale contingency either.

    Pros of making a cash offer:

    They give sellers more confidence, They can offer a faster closing period, Your credit score doesn’t factor into the process , You don’t need a home appraisal, You can save money over time (no interest payments), You reduce the paperwork and documentation required.

    No Obstacles

    We assume all the legal, financial and any other obstacles. With us slow market is a myth.

    How we Work with Agents

    Step 1.

    Submit Details for Quick Offer!

    Send Us a Property & Get Quick Offer! Get a response while sitting at home. Tell us a bit about a property you are want to sell and we’ll run our own after repair value (ARV) comps and see what it’d be well worth after rehabbing. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time so we’ll provide you a offer sight unseen and furnish proof of cash to show we can truely close.

    Step 2.

    Property Visit:

    We’ll tour the home to verify it’s situation and make a formal offer. Don’t fear about cleansing up or getting the owners to go away for a showing, we’ll be in and out rapidly and our cash offer won’t be based totally on whether or not the home is spotless.

    Step 3.

    Close on the Home

    We’ll buy the house as-is and you’ll obtain a double-ended commission. We have bought and sold lots of properties and have a committed transaction coordinator to make the closing as easy as possible.

    The Modern Way To Sell Your House

    Sell “As-Is”

    We pride ourselves in reducing the effort required by homeowners to sell their houses- something which we take seriously. We will buy any house in any condition -“As-Is”.

    Sell Quickly

    There is no need to prepare your house for viewings or pay different fees and agents to list your property on sites in order to get a sale. We have perfected this process in order to make selling as hassle free as possible.

    Sell On Your Schedule

    With Cash Buyers New York we place the decision in your hands for the closing date and adapt to your needs.

    We Provide A Helping Hand!


    We will work with you and provide a helping hand to solve any financial strain you are facing. We will give you a competitive cash offer for your home as quick as 24 hours.


    Selling a house owned by two people that are separating can be a very difficult process. This is where we can help to make the process easy and efficient.


    Found an amazing new home across the country and looking to sell your old house. Fill in the simple form and let us make your move a swift process and get you into your new home.

    Unwanted Inheritance

    A home received through inheritance can be costly to sell the traditional way. Selling with Cash Buyers New York, you don’t have to worry about extra costs or any fees.

    Vacant House

    A vacant house can be a stressful situation especially if it is causing financial strain. Instead, why not consider selling the property and remove the extra stress from your life.

    In Need Of Repairs?

    At Cash Buyers New York, we will purchase your house “as-is”. No need to worry about paying for repairs to sell your property. We will help make the transition as smooth as possible in order to get you on your feet as quick as possible.

    Our Buying Criteria, We all time ready to Buy!

    Our Strategies

    • Fix & Flip
    • Short Sales
    • REOs
    • Buy & Hold Single-Family/Multi-Family
    • Land
    • New Construction Opportunities

    The Numbers

    • $50k – $1m purchase price
    • Looking for a 25% margin based on ARV

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