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Sell Your Home During Divorce

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Sell a House During a Divorce

Nothing is more difficult than breaking up with your partner and ending your relationship with divorce. This type of breakup is not only emotionally stressful, but it is also stressful financially. Couples who divorce often have to make a series of difficult decisions before they can move forward, and selling a home upon divorce is one of those decisions.

This is usually the case when one or both spouses wish to keep the residence. While removing someone’s name from the nameplate is fairly simple, getting the person off the property is certainly complicated.

So, to make this process easier with CashbuyersNY and simplify things, CashbuyersNY have come up with simple procedure to get the job done efficiently.


Cash Buyers NY Offer A Better Way To Sell Your Home

There are never any obligations when working with us and getting a fair cash offer on your house is entirely free. So Get in Touch Now!

Sell -As-Is

Be on the same page, When selling your home during divorce

Before you decide to list your home at the CashBuyersNY market, you need to make sure that both parties are clear on all the financial issues and legal entanglements surrounding the home. You want to make sure your ad is categorized as it could be before you go ahead with anything. You don’t want to invest in a home listing and start getting offers until you find out that one side isn’t on the same page with the other.

If the home is purchased with a joint mortgage, both parties are responsible for ensuring its repayment. So, one person can’t make decisions without consulting the other person (or at least, you really shouldn’t). Both parties should also be clear about the total value of the home, any improvements made, tax issues for both parties, personal property, and anything one person may own or prefer.

It is important to consult a professional attorney who is expert in this type of problem. Don’t hesitate and contact with CashBuyersNY we will take responsibility for this. We have a tax professional who can explain all the pros, cons, and pitfalls of selling your home during a divorce. The tax code changes frequently, and you may not be up to date with the latest changes. You definitely don’t want to sell your home in a way that ends up hurting either party when it comes to paying more taxes.

Know Your Worth With CashBuyersNY

If you plan to sell your home quickly during a divorce, you need to be clear about its value so that you can price it correctly. There are several ways to do this and get a good set of numbers. You can ask CashBuyersNY to give you a best offer based on the market value of the home. You can make a good faith estimate based on the selling price of homes in your area based on the research.

If you plan to search online real estate resources then CashBuyersNY is the right place to determine selling prices, be sure to consider unique features, square footage, and specific neighborhoods, where every detail makes a difference.

How The Process Work.

Step 1

Tell us about your property – Quick, Easy & Free Consultation!

Send Us a Property & Get a Quick Offer! Get a response while sitting at home. Tell us a bit about a property you want to sell and we’ll run our own after-repair value (ARV) comps and see what it’d be well worth after rehabbing. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time so we’ll provide you an offer sight unseen and furnish proof of cash to show we can truly close.

Step 2

We’ll review the details to verify, then we will contact you.

We’ll tour the home to verify it’s the situation and make a formal offer. Don’t fear about cleansing up or getting the owners to go away for a showing, we’ll be in and out rapidly and our cash offer won’t be based totally on whether or not the home is spotless.

Step 3

We’ll present you with a fair written, no-obligation offer.

We’ll present you with a fair written, no-obligation offer. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time so we’ll provide you an offer sight unseen and furnish proof of cash to show we can truly close.

Step 4

We close the property and have cash in your hands within 10 days.

We’ll close the property within 10 days and you will have cash in your hands. We have a trusted transaction coordinator to make sure the closing process is as easy as possible.

Sell Your House Fast in New York

Simply Sell Your Home To Us To Avoid The Entire Listing Process!

Cash Buyers NY Offer A Better Way To Sell Your Home

There are never any obligations when working with us and getting a fair cash offer on your house is entirely free. So Get in Touch Now!

Get Cash Offer For Your New York House

We can buy your house in as-is condition means any condition and pay cash for your New York house Quick. We make it fast and easy to sell your home in NY without the hassle of dealing with an agent. If you want to get cash offer fast for your house, and still get a fair price, give us a call at 646-920-8900 today to get Quick Cash Offer In NY.

There are never any obligations when working with us and getting a fair cash offer on your house is entirely free. Just give us a call 646-920-8900 or fill out our form below to receive your no obligation cash offer on your home.

Cash Home Buyers NY can stop foreclosure in New York too. If you’re facing foreclosure and want to sell quickly, give us a call at 646-920-8900. We’re here to help and can help solve your real estate problem.

Tips To Prepare A House For Sale During A Divorce

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when selling their home in divorce is not preparing it properly for sale. Since some divorces can be less than friendly, it is essential that both parties involved remove all emotions from the process of selling a home and realize that it is now a business decision and that It is important to prepare the house well for the market for a quick sale.

Some of the best tips for divorcing couples as they prepare their home for the market include;

  • Remove clutter
  • Freshly paint rooms, where needed
  • Consider making small updates such as light fixtures
  • Eliminate any foul odors
  • Clean up exterior and inspect curb appeal

What people say?

Robin Gran
Robin Gran
I owned a second home I rented out for a number of years. Being suddenly widowed and a cancer survivor, I had been trying for a couple of years to sell the home, as carrying this extra mortgage was too much for me, and the tenants living there had a financial hardship as well. The tenants did not take good care of the property, and I decided to reach out to several home cash buyers for offers on the place. Due to its rough condition and unusual structure, I was getting lowball offers that I just couldn't accept because I needed my mortgage balance to be paid off. I did not want a short sale situation if possible. As a last resort I actually found AI to be helpful in my search as I was able to find Cash Buyers New York. Qasir was very kind and helpful. He never gave me the feeling that it was impossible to find a buyer for the house, as others had done. He worked with me diligently and ultimately found me a buyer who would give me a fair offer, satisfy the unpaid mortgage, and even leave me some cash in my pocket! We closed on the house yesterday, and it went smoothly. All parties concerned, Qasir, the assigned attorney, etc. were helpful, caring, hard-working and wonderful. My burden is lifted, thanks to Cash Buyers New York, and I am very grateful.
I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job on our last transaction. The professional way you transact business is always appreciated. I look forward to working with your office again. -Frank
S Perez
S Perez
I reached out to cash home buyers when my mother wanted to sell her home. She was having a difficult time maintaining the house and caring for my father who was under home hospice. I had no idea where to start and was very lucky to have found cash home buyers. They walked me through the entire process for a cash buyout and were very accommodating to all of our special requests including giving us a longer time period to move out, and not having strangers walking through the house as my father was bedridden on a hospital bed in the middle of the living room. The owner Qasir was not only accommodating but genuinely sympathetic towards our situation. We got a fair price for the house based on this state it was in and I'm very happy with the process. I truly recommend Cash home buyers if you are looking to sell your house.
Janet Makhani
Janet Makhani
Great service, very knowledgeable and easy to work with.
Amazing Amazing Job ! I talked to Qasir and he gave a highest cash offer for my home. I talked to other cash home buyers and they lowed balled me like crazy . Qasir literally had me just send pictures of my house called me back and we closed the sale over the phone . Just within 4 days we were in contract ! Closing was on my terms and it went smoothly . Strongly recommend .
wilson chang
wilson chang
I will be forever grateful for Cash buyers NY for helping me sell my dad’s rental property in Bronx They exhibited kindness and professionalism throughout the process towards me and towards my tenants. Every member of the team was genuinely attentive and respectful. I highly recommend their services. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a real estate company you can trust, do not hesitate to give a call Marina for Cash Offer to begin the process of selling your home fast!
Devon Rush
Devon Rush
Qasir has been a pleasure to work with. He's been kind, patient, and very knowledgeable. Our family had a very involved process of selling and he held our hands through the entire process. If you're looking for an honest and considerate person to sell your home please consider cash home buyers in New York
froilan Agudo
froilan Agudo
Great company to deal with. Had a house which needed a cash buyer. They made cash offer and we closed in three weeks. Excellent customer's services.
Khalil Rehman
Khalil Rehman
We are so thankful for CBNY in helping us understand the NY realty market and the procedure of selling as fast as possible. We live in London and inherited a property in Long Isalnd which we had to sell asap because it was too difficult to manage from afar. Qasir helped and was present throughout the process and we felt confident that the house would sell fast and within the month we closed and were stress free. Thanks to Qasir and the team for treating us like VIPs and really listening to our concerns and taking care of us.
Sepideh Owadeyah
Sepideh Owadeyah
I am very, very happy with my experience with Cash Buyer NY they were respectful, considerate and the whole experience and process was fast, everyone I had contact with was great and I personally feel you could not have a better experience, my only word to anyone is to make sure to research your property value beforehand and this is in NO WAY a reflection on the company for you give them your price and they let you know up front if they can or cannot work with your price, I have had nothing but an excellent experience with the company.

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