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selling your house during Covid

Advantages of selling your house during Covid:

Advantages of selling your house during Covid:The real estate market is experiencing low mortgage interest rates right now which has triggered real estate buyers to jump on new opportunities! If you are ready to sell your house, do not let the virus stop you!


If you want to sell your home these are the 10 steps to a safe home showing should be follow:
Confirm that neither the seller or the buyer has any symptoms of illness or COVID-19.
Showing blocks should be offered in showing instructions.

All parties should wear a cloth face covering or mask and wash hands to follow the CDC recommendations.
Ask the Seller to open all doors and cabinets in spaces that should be seen by Buyers.
Post signage on door:

1. Wait to enter until invited.
2. Do not touch surfaces or use bathrooms.

Kindly announce required safety precautions everyone must observe during the showing block.
Remind people to wait outside and remain at least 6 feet apart.
Give each group a brief tour and remind everyone to stay 6 feet apart.
Repeat this process with each group for the entire block of showings.
After last group leaves, home seller must disinfect all doorknobs, surfaces, and railing.


You’ll need to take extra precautions during buyer visits or open houses.
You’ll need to price your home just right — and accept that you may not get top dollar for it.


For sellers who still have a pool of potential buyers, most, if not all, will be viewing your home virtually. Because of this, technology troubles or any lack of preparation can also hinder your sale. Chances are sellers could be responsible for taking photos and virtual tours of their homes during social distancing. This could pose a problem for those who lack professional equipment or basic photography skills, including knowledge of lighting techniques and proper angles. All of this can have a negative impact on how house hunters view your home – and the virtual view is all some sellers will have to be able to provide.

The fastest way to sell your house during the pandemic is directly sell your house to the Cash Buyers NY and do not worry about the open house because its too risky to have strangers from different household, different cities coming into your home wandering about. You do not need to do an open house anymore.
We will take care of everything you don’t need to worry about those things. We will make sure that we provide you best service.

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