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Selling a Rental Property During COVID

Hit the Market! – Selling with Tenants in Place

When a signed lease is in place, the tenant has legal rights to reside in the unit. That said, owners do not have the right to drop in or show the unit whenever they want without proper notice. While most jurisdictions recognize 24 hours as enough, be sure to check your lease and local jurisdiction to ensure you comply. Especially in times of an ongoing health crisis, everyone’s safety must be at the forefront.


Tips for Safely Selling a Rental Property During COVID

Check out these few tips below that can make marketing a home with tenants in place a smoother process –

Utilize Technology – Many realtors embrace virtual tours to reach more browsing clients. Selling a rental property during COVID-19 means, this convenient technology can allow buyers to view the home without disturbing existing tenants. That way, only serious prospects schedule an in-person tour.


Limit Contact – Even before COVID, tenants would not have wanted endless buyers traipsing through their homes. Now more than ever, selling a rental property during COVID requires planning and coordination with your tenants. Ideally, set up a schedule of available times to show the property that both you and the tenant agree to. Furthermore, limiting buyer and tenant contact is best for a few reasons. If possible, schedule times where the tenants can temporarily leave the premises. Not only does this help eliminate person-to-person contact, but it also allows buyers to explore the space freely.


Cleanliness is Key – The idea of cleanliness addresses two major points. One is the state of the home and the tenant’s personal belongings. Request that the tenant cleans up if necessary and offer a professional cleaning service when the home is particularly messy. After all, no buyer wants to walk into a cluttered or dirty home. The other issue is cleanliness and safety during the pandemic. So, when selling a rental property during COVID, reassure your tenant of the safety precautions you or your realtor have in place, such as – required masks, use of hand sanitizer, and wiping down touched surfaces, or minimal contact with doorknobs and light switches.


The Best Alternative to Selling When Landlords Have Had Enough

Most anyone would agree this has not been an easy year for rental property owners. As large corporations battle it out in court looking for eviction loopholes, private landlords are left sifting through the rapidly evolving eviction ban and regulations. If selling a rental property during COVID is not the right fit for you, having qualified professionals on your side is the next best thing.

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