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Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Your home has been on the market for months with no sign of a sale. There are no genuine home buyers or offers. For house sellers, this can be extremely aggravating. There could be a number of annoying reasons why your house isn’t selling. It could be due to a weak real estate market, an unreasonable asking price, the location, the time of year, or a number of other reasons.

To alleviate your aggravation, CashBuyersNY experienced house buying consultants developed a list of possible reasons why your home isn’t selling. It might be able to answer the vexing issue, “Why isn’t my house selling?”


1- It Just Isn’t Ready To Sell

This is one of the most frustrating causes for your home’s failure to sell. If you take a close look at all the properties for sale in your region and find that 95% of them aren’t selling, you’ll need your property to be among the 5% that are. This could be due to the comparables utilized by your real estate agent to determine the asking price.

For example, it’s possible that the comps are just behind the curve. Check out current house sales data in your neighbourhood to eliminate this aggravating factor for your home’s failure to sell.

Then consider your home’s exterior, interior, kitchen appliances, bathroom condition, and other factors. Prepare your property for sale by comparing it to similar properties that have recently sold, and everything else will fall into place.


With CashBuyersNY, you may get a free online competitive cash offer on your home and avoid the time-consuming process of selling it the traditional way.


2- The Images are Not Catchy

When it comes to selling a home, images are a crucial part. And if your photos aren’t up to the standard, it could be one of the reasons your home isn’t selling. You’ll need a lot of high-quality, professional images of your home.


Tips for Good Images

  • The master bedroom should be the focus of attention, but don’t forget to get photographs of all of the bedrooms in high resolution. Consider yourself a property buyer. Have photos of all three bedrooms if your home is classified as a three-bedroom. There are no exceptions.
  • Take a lot of photos of your home’s key selling features, such as an in-ground pool or a remodelled master bath. This may inspire potential buyers to take a tour of the property to observe these important selling features.
  • For home purchasers, the kitchen is one of the most significant spaces. This necessitates having ten or more shots of your home’s kitchen to truly highlight the heart of the property. Consider upgrading or adding new kitchen appliances to entice home buyers if your kitchen isn’t up to pace.


3- List Your House With Right Price

This is undoubtedly a stressful factor for your home’s failure to sell. Simply because you may not understand what it takes to price your home to sell. Your real estate agent may be confident in your home’s asking price, but he or she is not the one who has to sell quickly and move on to the next exciting adventure in life.

Price your home to sell, but make sure it’s competitive with other homes in the neighbourhood. It’s possible that you’re overpriced in your market and this will become the reason for not selling. For example, The average price of a home in New York is roughly $400,000. As a result, a $511,000 asking price is not competitive in the New York market.


You don’t want to be worried about the asking price? Get a competitive home cash offer and set your closing date to sell your property quickly.


4- You’re Working With The Wrong Real Estate Agent

Many house sellers are unaware that the real estate agent is one of the most irritating reasons their home is not selling. You most likely conducted some research before selecting your realtor, but the truth is that not all real estate brokers are made equal.

If you want to sell your home quickly, for example, you’ll need a listing agent who specialises in high volume and quick home turnover. Consider this: do you prefer an agent who sells 5 or so properties per year or one that sells 50 to 100 homes each year? The high volume realtor knows how to get a home sold quickly.


How CashBuyersNY Can Help You?

For over a decade, our company has been purchasing homes in the New York market. So you can trust us if you want to sell a house fast in New York City (NYC). CashBuyersNY specializes in assisting New York residents with simple property buying procedures on their own schedule.

CashBuyersNY can buy your house quickly and make you a full cash offer within 24 hours, or we can buy it when it’s convenient for you. You’ll love dealing with us because we’re investors and issue solvers who can buy houses and fix problems at the same time. You can contact us now or also can get an offer if you are ready to sell a house fast in NY for cash.

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