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How to Sell a House Privately in New York

A Comprehensive Guide on Sell a House Privately in New York in 2024

If you intend to sell your home, putting your home up for sale privately may be an option.

The second choice is to rely on a real estate agency that allows you to obtain a professional service to promote your property, but which usually involves paying commissions.

There are some precise steps to proceed with the sale of the home. Let’s see together how to sell a house privately.

How to sell a house privately

When you decide to sell your house privately, you need to consider what type of buyer will be interested in purchasing the property. The potential buyer will look for certain features in the property he is visiting to satisfy his needs.

The preparation of the house involves some steps such as:

  • cleaning of all parts of the house;
  • small renovations, such as painting some ruined walls;
  • repairing damaged pipes or misplaced electrical wires;
  • garden care.

One of the best-known techniques is to make use of home staging. Some professionals take care of presenting the home in the best way to increase the chances of sale.

A real estate agent has the necessary experience to advise on which small interventions to carry out to improve the desirability of the property.

Selling a house without an agency in New York

The main and only advantage of selling a house without an agency is saving on sales commissions. The percentage you tend to save is 2-3% on the selling price of the home.

It is important to take into consideration the fact that selling is an expensive operation in terms of energy and time. At every stage, it is good to pay attention to details and have patience to complete the sale of your home.

Set the selling price of the house without an agent

Setting the selling price of your home is not easy.

It is not recommended to focus on a subjective value or to list it for the price it was paid for.

Once the house is put up for sale, the property will compete with other properties nearby. An overpriced property is unlikely to be sold, and potential buyers will be more interested in other homes.

To choose the selling price of your property without the real estate agency, you can rely on online evaluators and the prices charged by other houses for sale.

The valuation of the property is not a simple process and requires the evaluation of some elements such as:

  • the market in the area such as properties for sale and the price of the sale;
  • the condition of the property ;
  • the floor of the property with or without a lift;
  • the location of the property and its proximity to public services;
  • the characteristics that give a plus.

To carry out a complete valuation of the property, it is advisable to rely on a real estate agent who can provide a valuation according to market prices and who knows the relevant regulations to follow.

Promote your property

Once the house has been prepared for sale and the selling price has been established, it will be necessary to proceed with the promotion of your property.

As a homeowner, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of your home and all those aspects that make it enjoyable.

To promote the property, it will be necessary to carry out a professional photo shoot and write a professional advertisement to attract potential buyers who are actually interested in the property.

The advice is to proceed with publication on the main real estate portals where it is possible to find the majority of people who are trying to buy a home.

A real estate agency takes care of creating a professional photo shoot and a real estate advert with maximum visibility on online portals to speed up sales times and find the right buyers.

Appointment management

Once the advert is published on the main portals, you will begin to receive many phone calls, emails, and text messages.

Not being used to managing visits, the problem will be seeing potential buyers and not knowing the right ways to interact with them; the risk will be to make them turn away.

Some tips for managing visits are:

  • select interlocutors who are actually interested ;
  • do not already discuss the price on the phone or via email;
  • request that they come to visit the home ;
  • Be careful of potential scammers .

A real estate agency takes care of managing all requests and eliminates all potential requests that would not represent a potential sale . The real estate agent handling the sale has handled dozens if not hundreds of viewing requests and has the ability to deal with potential buyers.

Selling a house requires a large commitment of time, and if you decide to sell a house as a private individual, the risk is that of being caught unprepared.

The documents for selling your house privately

There are many documents needed to sell a house. Checking the documentation allows you to have a guarantee that the property is suitable for sale.

If there are building violations, it will be necessary to submit an amnesty.

The advice is to check all the documentation to avoid running into surprises that could interrupt the sale.

Some of these documents are the APE, the certificate of occupancy, the property title, and the certificate of habitability.

A person who is not an expert in the sector should check all the documentation without actually knowing what to look for and what the deficiencies could be.

Relying on a real estate agency avoids the risk of not having all the documentation in order. The real estate agents will verify that all the documentation (including cadastral data) is adequate to conduct the sale and will request to remedy any irregularities.

Closing the deal

Once an agreement has been reached, it will be necessary to draw up a contract.

Since no real estate agency mediates between the parties, it will be necessary to make a purchase proposal and create a preliminary sales contract.

A preliminary contract is an intermediate contract with which the parties undertake to sell their property and the other to purchase it at a predefined price and deadline.

At the end of the purchase and sale process, it will be necessary to appear before a notary to sign the notarial deed. The buyer will choose the notary and pay the fee unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

Each phase of the buying and selling process is delicate and relying on a real estate agency allows you to have greater guarantees and peace of mind during all phases.

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